Sustainability’s triple bottom line of people, planet and profit has become an important benchmark for long-term profitability because:

  • Consumers and governments around the globe are demanding responsibility and more sustainable business practices from companies.
  • Increased legislation requires companies to consider sustainability issues.
  • Public pressure and media attention are growing.
  • Throughout global supply chains, more and more sustainability standards are implemented, requiring suppliers and producers to focus on the environmental and social aspects of production.

But how to explain what you are already doing? That’s where communication comes in - as an essential part of any sustainability strategy.

  • It is important to communicate internally to be able to implement changes that are vital to make your organization more sustainable. And your employees are valuable assets in advocating for your sustainability efforts  you need to get them on board to make them your ambassadors.
  • It is important to communicate your sustainability strategies and activities externally  to consumers, customers, partners, stakeholders and the public  to make them aware of your commitment and to tell the stories behind your products and services.

You work hard to act sustainably and take responsibility  why not celebrate it?